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Why choose Jintai steel grating

For over 20 years JINTAI has successfully provided products and services to a multitude of industries worldwide, we have rich experience in export process, and have done large projects and OEM customization.

We can daily output of 5000 square meters, the grating delivery time we can promise. In order to achieve the best quality product, we spend more time and cost to purchase advanced production equipment and develop technologies.

By offering high quality products and services at competitive prices, our steel grating products are exported to more than 20 countries, we have achieved the reputation as one of the best companies in this field.

JINTAI Steel Grating Description

Steel grating made by welding with flat steel and cross bar with certain distances. Our galvanized steel grating enjoy the feature of high strength, light structure , high bearing, convenience for loading and other properties, the hot dipped zinc coating gives the product excellent anti-corrosion

▪ Material Standard: ASTM A36, A1011, A569, Q235, S275JR, Stainless steel 304/316

▪ Bearing Bar (Width x Thickness):25×3, 25×4, 25×4.5, 25×5, 30×3, 30×4, 30×4.5, 30×5, 32×5, 40×5, 50×5, 65×5, 75×6, 75×10…..100 x10mm etc;

I bar: 25x5x3, 30x5x3, 32x5x3, 40x5x3 etc

US standard: 1”x3/16”, 1 1/4”x3/16”, 1 1/2”x3/16”, 1”x1/4”,1 1/4”x1/4”, 1 1/2”x1/4”, 1”x1/8”, 1 1/4”x1/8”, 1 1/2”x1/8” etc

▪ Bearing Bar Pitch: 12.5, 15, 20, 23.85, 25, 30, 30.16, 30.3,32.5, 34.3, 35, 38.1, 40, 41.25, 60, 80mm etc.

US standard: 19-w-4, 15-w-4, 11-w-4, 19-w-2, 15-w-2 etc.

▪ Twisted Cross Bar Pitch: 38.1, 50, 60, 76, 80, 100, 101.6, 120mm, 2” & 4” etc

▪ Surface Treatment: Mill, Black paint, Hot dip galvanized, Other colors available on speicial request.

JINTAI Technological Process

▪ Material

▪ Press Welding

▪ Cutting

▪ Welding of End Bar

▪ Hot Dipped Galvanized

▪ Final Shipment

JINTAI Steel Grating Package

▪ Bandage and Paperboard: Generally applies to neat steel plate

▪ Screw Locking Method: Use 4 screw rods through the aperture of the steel grid, for high strength

▪ Steel Pallet: Traditional export packing

Application of JINTAI Steel Grating Product

▪ Industrial and commercial plants

▪ Mining underground vents

▪ Catwalks

▪ Flooring

▪ Marine platform

▪ Industrial stair treads

▪ Storm drains


Post time: May-26-2022