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Hot dip galvanized steel grating

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  • Product name: Hot dip galvanized steel grating
  • Place of origin: Anping,Hebei,China
  • Product size: Customized
  • Delivery time: 15-25 days
  • Payment terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union
  • Company type: Manufacturer
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    Product description

    Galvanized steel grating is an ideal product for wet, slippery situation where corrosion resistance is vital. The mild steel gratings are hot dipped galvanized in the galvanizing bath. The galvanizing bath has got 7 tank surface cleaning process, the purity of the zinc used for hot dipped galvanizing shall be 99.95 % pure. The galvanized coating shall be as per IS-3202/IS–4759 / IS–2629/IS – 2633/IS–6745,ASTM –A -123 or equivalent to international standards. The appearance of surface is plain or serrated
    Galvanized steel grating is widely used in most general industrial plants as well as commercial buildings, it has wide applications as walkways, platforms, safety barriers, drainage covers and ventilation grates. It is also ideal for use as mezzanine decking since it supports the same loads as comparable solid flooring. More than that, its cost saving openness maximizes the circulation of air, light, heat, water and sound, while promoting cleanliness.
    Material:carbon steel
    Surface treatment:hot-dipped galvanized
    Widths:2'or 3'
    Lengths:20' or 24'
    Galvanized steel grating is available in: Grade 2 (Medium) or Grade 3 (Coarse)
    Available in light duty and heavy duty
    Available in welded, press-locked, swaged lock or flush mount construction


    Product Features

    ★ Can be purchased in stock sizes or custom fabricated to meet the project specifications.
    ★ Excellent load bearing capabilities
    ★ Ventilation of air, light, sound
    ★ Don’t collect Liquid and debris
    ★ Long service life
    ★ Wide range of open areas
    ★ Wide range of open areas

    ★ Galvanized steel grating has an unmatched surface. It is also a permanent replacement for slippery serrated and plain grating.
    ★ It's available in many different styles and spacing options to meet a variety of needs and applications.
    ★ Anti-theft design: the cover and the frame is joint with hinge offering security, safety and open convenience.
    ★ High strength: the strength and the toughness are much higher than cast iron. It can be used for terminals, airport, other large-span and heavy loading condition.


    Product application

    ★ Anti slip bridge decking
    ★ Bridge walkway
    ★ Drainage systems
    ★ Fire truck platforms
    ★ Mass transit platforms
    ★ Marine and ship decks
    ★ Mezzanines
    ★ Non-slip walkways

    ★ Non-skid pit covers
    ★ Slip resistant platforms
    ★ General Industries
    ★ Truck platforms
    ★ Vault covers
    ★ Wet Decks
    ★ Wastewater treatment plant grating
    Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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