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Welding process of hot-dip galvanized steel grating

Usually, the DC reverse connection method can reduce the spatter and ensure the stable combustion of the arc. Different welding machines and different grid voltages should adjust the welding parameters appropriately according to the actual situation during operation.

Double-sided welded steel grating is made of flat iron punched and welded together with twisted square steel. For steel gratings of the same size, double-sided welding needs to weld steel bars on both sides, and its weight is more than that of single-sided welding. ,higher cost.

The main methods of cleaning zinc deposits on steel gratings include incineration, paint stripper immersion, water jet method, etc. The incineration method will produce a large amount of toxic gases and seriously pollute the environment, which has been strictly prohibited by the environmental protection department.

The paint remover soaking method is highly corrosive and flammable because it contains strong acids and organic solvents. Very large and expensive.

The water jet method is currently the most widely used treatment method, but it has disadvantages such as high energy consumption, high equipment maintenance costs, and potential safety hazards. It can meet the safety requirements of the paint shop.

The gas produced by steel grating welding contains a large amount of harmful components such as acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, rosin acid, isocyanate, hydrocarbons, etc. These particles and harmful gases will affect the health of operators and pollute the environment.

The steel grating dust purifier is a high-efficiency air purifier designed for industrial waste gas smoke and dust. A complete air purification system. The filter system of the purifier consists of a pre-filter layer, a main filter layer and a gas filter layer. The pre-filter layer can absorb relatively large particles in the airflow to avoid premature clogging of the main filter layer; the main filter layer is made of HEPA efficient The filter element is composed of the HEPA high-efficiency filter element with a filtration efficiency of 99.99% for 0.3 micron particles. The gas filter layer is composed of a chemical filter element, which can effectively remove harmful gases in the airflow.


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