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The features of gutter cover

The well cover is also called “ditch cover“, “manhole cover”, “ditch cover”, “the manhole cover was originally made of cement, and it is easily damaged in the normal use of the middle ditch. Later the ditch is welded by steel grating, which is light and lightweight, the product is installed in the same way, the impact resistance is simple, the construction is beautiful and the usage is large, and the large area cost after the surface heat cover construction. By connecting or using connectors to connect the anti-theft board, etc., the anti-theft board and other functions used in steel lattice covers and some high-end residential areas are widely used. The guaranteed trench cover can be more widely used in different places such as municipal roads, market facilities, residential quarters, schools, housekeepers and so on. It can be equipped with movable plate cover and assembly plate mechanism or anti-theft device as required.

Ditch cover product size:

1. The direction of the flat steel of the ditch cover is the load-bearing (support) direction, and the length L of the flat steel is determined according to the wide gap of the ditch (well);

2. According to the length of the groove (well), take the standard board width of 995mm that meets the processing module, and leave a gap of 5mm between the boards;

3. The remaining part of the trench (well) length less than 1 meter is sized by the module;

4. Select the type of steel grating according to the width of the ditch (well) and the bearing requirements.

5. It is recommended to choose standard size ditch cover for design and construction, and other specifications can be customized.

Features of gutter cover:

1. Hot-dip galvanized surface treatment: It has strong rust resistance.

2. Domestic advanced anti-cover design: the gutter cover made of steel grating is connected to the frame with hinges, which is anti-theft, safe and easy to open

3. The product has a beautiful appearance: simple lines, silver appearance, modern ideas

4. The large mesh has the best drainage: the leakage area is 83.3%, which is more than twice that of cast iron.

5. The material is saved and the investment is saved: when the large span and heavy load are used, the price is lower than that of cast iron; and the cost of replacing the cast iron cover due to theft or crushing can be saved.

6. The use of high-strength carbon steel makes the steel grating have high strength: the strength and toughness are much higher than those of cast iron, and can be used in large-span and heavy-load environments such as docks and airports.

7. There are many varieties of products: meet the needs of different environments, loads, spans and shapes, and can provide sizes and shapes according to customers.


Post time: Sep-27-2022