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Process requirements for steel grating

The process design of steel grating is to arrange the geometric information of the sheet according to the size of the original plate. The steel grating is produced with bearing bar and cross bar. The ultimate goal is to make the cutting plan take into account the utilization rate of materials and high production efficiency. The principles of steel grating process matching mainly include the following aspects:

1. All the steel gratings with full plate size or more than full plate size are preferentially matched according to the length. The matching size is as small as possible and uniform, and the length range is controlled within 5-7 meters.

2. A small number of narrow boards can be arranged in the order of width from large to small or small to large, and then they can be combined together in parallel according to the length.

3. When the width overflows, use the raw material cross bar to carry out the edge wrapping welding process, and do not weld the plate separately.

4. The double-bar welding machine presses and welds 2 cross bars each time, and the odd number cannot be present.

5. The matching between the board and the board should retain the size of the sawing road. If it is not enough, the cross bar needs to be vacated.

6. A set of drawings needs to be strictly classified. If multiple drawings exceed 200 square meters, these drawings need to be matched together. When the size is less than 200 square meters, it can be considered to be matched with small-sized drawings

7.For special-shaped steel grating, it is necessary to consider disassembly and butt joint to achieve material saving.

8. For plates with a flat steel spacing of 60 mm, comb clips with a spacing of 30 mm can be used for raw material production.


Post time: Jul-21-2022