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How to Install the Serrated Steel Grating

Serrated steel grating is widely used in the construction of building and other outdoor public areas. Compared with standard steel grating which has straight and even surface, this kind of steel grating has characteristic of notch edge that is used to prevent people from slipping on the surface while at the same time providing excellent ventilation capability, so it also has its rich application. Therefore, we provide you with an easy way to install a serrated steel bar grating.

Step 1

Before the installation, there are some preparation you need to do. First, place some warning boards if your working area is in some place where a lot of people may pass by every day. Second, put your steel gratings at the flat place and watch if there is any place where the gratings does not fit well. Communicate with the grating manufacturer to replace the incorrect sized or broken gratings.

Step 2

Choose the proper method to install the gratings based on the specific function. You could choose either to weld them forever or fasten them with a fastener. Normally speaking, when the gratings are used as walkways, you should weld them permanently. And in the following part, we would use the walkway as an example to show you how to install the serrated steel gratings properly.

Step 3

Put the gratings into the section with crossbars and make sure the serrated edge faces upward. Make five welding spots with the particular torch--two at the right side, two at the left and one in the middle of the grating and the intermediate support. Drill some holes into the intermediate supports at the welding spots so that it is easy for electricians and plumbers to open the grating and do with the necessary electric wire and pipe work.

Step 4

Put a saddle clip on the support and push the bolt up. Tighten the clips by placing a washer and nut on the end of the bolt. Tighten the nut and the bolt with a wrench.


Post time: May-28-2019