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Bearing capacity direction of the steel grating

Steel grating plate is a kind of steel products with flat steel in accordance with the spacing and cross bar,and welded into a square lattice in the middle.Mainly used to do ditch cover.Steel lattice plate is generally made of carbon steel,hot dip galvanized appearance can play a role in preventing oxidation,An open plate steel member secured by welding or pressing.

Summary of terms for steel grating plate:
1.Bearing bar:steel bearing bar bear the main load of the steel grating,its direction is the same with the steel grid span.
2.The distance from the center of the steel bearing bar and the center of the two adjacent bearing flat steel centers.
3.The cross bar is fixed on the steel bearing bar,used for connection of twisted steel,round steel or flat steel.
4.The distance between the center of the cross bar and the center of the two adjacent bars.
5.The length of the steel grid is parallel to the bearing bar direction of the maximum size of the steel grid.
6.The wide of the steel plate is perpendicular to the maximum size of the steel plate bearing bar direction.

Steel grating welded by bearing bar and twisted cross bar.Steel grating is durable,compared with other products more affordable,its main use in power plant platform,parking platform,maintenance platform,ditch cover and step plate and other aspects.Also used in environmental protection equipment and sewage treatment and other aspects,because of its superiority is more and more widely used.
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Post time: May-12-2022