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Uses of Steel Grating (2)
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Grating was invented back in 1908 to solve a problem � a way to ventilate the New York subway system using open steel mesh grating. Ever since, we has been designing and developing new and improved uses for metal bar grating to meet every requirement. Whether for power plants, bridges, roadways, water treatment plants, warehouses, airports, railroads or a host of other environments, JINTAI steel grating leads the industry.

We are proud to feature a few of our recent projects to illustrate some of the varied uses of our steel grating.

Railcar welded steel grating is engineered by us to exact specifications for all types of general and special purpose railcars.  Their rugged assembly provides high strength-to-weight ratios and high resistance to torsional stresses and strains for railcar running boards, freight car flooring, refrigeration car trays and train roof walkways. Extra measures of safety are provided by serrated top surface bearing bars.

Ventilated storage bins and crating for rail transported materials are manufactured from our lightweight, Swage Locked aluminum grating.

High strength-to-weight ratio
Designed to last the life of the car
Virtually maintenance free
Maximum open area minimizes ice, sleet and snow hazards

Roadways and Bridges
Engineers select our heavy duty riveted or heavy duty welded grating for situations where there are heavy or highly concentrated turning and rolling loads on bridges, bridge decks and roadway centerline markers, where drainage is important, or for trenches and inlets. 

Increased lateral stability
Low maintenance
High strength-to-weight ratio
For bridge walkways, where secure footing is important,  plate or Safe-T-products are used. For maintenance access walkways, welded steel grating is used.

Sidewalk and Subway Grating
Swage Locked I-Bar and Rectangular Bar
, as well as Close Mesh Pressure-Locked and Riveted walkway grating have been manufactured for over 60 years and installed as sidewalk and subway grating in most major cities.  They are also used as vertical architectural screens or dividers

Reliable, proven products for heavy pedestrian traffic
Flush-top walking surface
Strong, durable
Maintenance free

Sports Facilities and Arenas
made from our welded steel grating or aluminum/stainless steel swage-locked grating combines lightweight and durability with an architecturally pleasing appearance.  Catwalks are usually made from our lightweight welded steel grating.  

Low cost
High strength
Slip resistant bearing bars

Warehouses/Sort Facilities
Mezzanine gratings
are perfect for material handling applications in record and information storage buildings, sort facilities and distribution warehouses.  Our lightweight 19W4 welded steel products for mezzanines are  1/8� thick, in depths of 1�, 1 ¼�, and 1 ½�.  A plain surface is suitable for rolling loads.

Economical;  long life expectancy
Substantial load bearing capacity
Comfortable walking and rolling surface
Reduces structural support requirements
Ease of installation and design
Allows for maximum passage of light and air

Other industrial uses include safety screens around window, vault and machine covers.  Here  close mesh grating provides an extra measure of safety.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
For maintenance platforms, stairs, ladders and scaffolding, scuppers and grates in corrosive environments such as water and wastewater treatment plants, our aluminum swage-locked grating is the usual choice.

Relative corrosive resistance

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