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Serrated Steel Grating

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Serrated steel grating is the most popular of all grating types due to its strength, cost-efficient production and ease of installation. In addition to its high strength and light weight, this type of grating also has non-slip characteristics, no sharp edges and serrations are rolled on, to meet strict health and safety requirements. Hot rolled serrations help stop lacerations if someone falls on the grating.

Optional serrated bearing bars enhance skid resistance. Consider this surface for applications subject to the accumulation of liquids or lubricants or inclined grating installations. The excellent self-cleaning characteristics of plain surface grating make it suitable for the majority of applications. In the presence of fluids or materials that could cause the top surface of the grating to become wet or slippery, specification of the optional serrated surface should be considered. When serrated grating is specified, the bearing bar depth must be 1/4" greater, to provide the equivalent strength of non-serrated gratings.

Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel

When the gratings are used in particularly wet environments or in places where extra non-slip properties are required, serrated bars will be an advantage. The serrating process involves carving a pattern in the bars to be serrated. This could be in either the control or filler bars or in both control and filler bars and bearing bars, depending on whether the grating needs serrating in one or both directions. Serration is available in two patterns: small serration and large serration

* Small Serration
Small serration is the most commonly used serrating form, which is used for industrial walkway and staircase gratings etc. and for heavy duty ramp gratings.

* Large Serration
This type of serrating is very easy to clean and therefore primarily used in industrial kitchens, canteens and in other places with high hygiene requirements and requirements of non-slip properties. Serrated bearing bars and control and filler bars.

Serrated Steel Grating Serrated Steel Grating


* Economical
* High strength-to-weight ratio
* Versatile
* Low maintenance surfaces
* Serrated (slip resistant)
* Smooth
* Strong: high point load capabilities suitable for vehicular traffic.
* Versatile: site alterations can be easily made utilising hand grinders, with no danger of bars popping out.


Serrated steel grating is widely used in the platform, corridor, bridge, well covers, and stairs, fencing for petroleum, chemical, power plant, waste treatment plant, civil engineering projects and environmental projects.

Serrated Steel Grating Serrated Steel Grating Serrated Steel Grating

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.