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Open Steel Grating

Product details

Open steel grating means the steel grating with open ends.

The two sides of the steel grating with no frame.

The common size is 900mmx5800mm,900mmx6000mm.


* Can be purchased in stock sizes or custom fabricated to meet the project specifications.
* Excellent load bearing capabilities
* Ventilation of air, light, sound
* Don't collect Liquid and debris
* Long service life
* Wide range of open areas
* Galvanized steel grating has an unmatched surface. It is also a permanent replacement for slippery serrated and plain grating.
* It's available in many different styles and spacing options to meet a variety of needs and applications.
* Anti-theft design: the cover and the frame is joint with hinge offering security, safety and open convenience.
* High strength: the strength and the toughness are much higher than cast iron. It can be used for terminals, airport, other large-span and heavy loading condition.

Open Steel Grating Open Steel Grating Open Steel Grating