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Some Common Mistakes When Purchasing Galvanized Steel Grating

Jun. 19, 2019

As we all know, galvanized steel grating is a very versatile steel product, it has rigid structure, strong anti-corrosive capability while could provide good ventilation at the same time therefore widely used in many fields. But in the marketing of the product, we have found out that some clients would fall into various purchasing misunderstandings that may have a bad influence on the correct application of the gratings. We would like to list some of the mistakes that we meet frequently to help you avoid them and select the proper gratings.

First, some purchasers consider price as the only standard to choose the steel grating. As to the quality and appearance, they may think it enough as long as the product could be worked normally. However, most of the galvanized gratings are installed at the places where they have to bear great pressure and momentum and where people could see them easily, so the quality and beauty are actually much more important than the price. Just compare the loss of the wear of stair tread or a broken down steel grating fence and the price of a high quality steel grating, which would cost more?


Second, some clients are not familiar with the difference of manual steel grating and auto-welded steel grating, some even regard them as two completely same products. While actually these two products differ a lot. Thanks to the welding machine, auto-welded steel grating has neat and beautiful appearance and even zinc coating to avoid the corrosion caused by uneven galvanizing. Besides, the welding spots of the auto type is much stronger than the manual type, accordingly the former is much rigid to withstand great pressure and momentum. Last but not least, the manual steel grating would be quite unsafe if the withstanding momentum becomes larger suddenly because there are many notches on the raw material, the flat steel.

Third, some purchasers would choose the smaller types of steel grating for the sake of saving budget. Smaller type mean less cost, but the pressure and momentum would also be less. As we all know, the most popular application of galvanized bar grate is to provide a a passage for people or a basis for storage, thus it would be very dangerous if the weight increases at a short time.

Some Common Mistakes When Purchasing Galvanized Steel Grating

Steel grating produced by our factory machine

Some Common Mistakes When Purchasing Galvanized Steel Grating

Manually produced steel gratings from other factories

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