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Press Locked Steel Grating

Product details

Press locked steel grating also known as the splice steel grating. it is by a certain size of flat carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum plate groove (hole), splice on splice, welding, finishing and other processes produced. Inserted steel grid plate covers the common steel grid plate of high strength, anticorrosion, maintenance free features, and unique combination of uniform precision, lightweight and elegant structure, natural harmony, elegant style. This product can be widely used for gutter cover, stair tread, pool cover.

Press locked steel grating case board with solder joints strong, uniform pitch, smooth surface, design beautiful, practical, light, high strength anti-corrosion, maintenance-free, and many other features, is now widely used in civil and commercial buildings, theatres, subway, city and municipal engineering field, can be used in the ceiling, indoor and outdoor decoration decoration, platform aisle, transom (Wells), advertising plaque, all kinds of cover plate, etc. Plug grid plate solder joint is firm, the hole spacing is even, the net surface is flat, the design is beautiful, practical, not only makes the articles for use, is the work of art, has developed hundreds of varieties over the years, the export product 16 deeply customer locked steel grating is widely used in factory hall, theater, shopping mall ceiling or interior decoration, also can be used in the platform walkway.

Press Locked Steel Grating Press Locked Steel Grating Press Locked Steel Grating