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Grating Clamps

Product details

Clamps is the installing of the steel grating has two methods: Welded fixing and clip fixing.

Welded fixing applies to the parts that do not need to teardown, such as the platform around the equipment.

And adopting the clip fixing has the advantage of easy to fix and teardown, also it will not destroy the zinc coating.
The clip apply to all kinds of steel gratings, it is made of the M8 bolt, top clip and bottom clip.
The method of welded fixing: At the first flat bar of every corner, the corner welding line must be over 20mm long and 3mm high.
The method of clip fixing: There are at least 4 clips on every piece of steel grating, about the big span steel grating it is better to use more clips.
According to the client's requests, we can supply galvanized mild steel clips and stainless steel clips.
When ordering the clips, please note the clip type, quantity and material.

Grating Clamps Grating Clamps Grating Clamps