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Product details

Triangle bending guardrail in one kind of welded mesh fence.

It is widely used on the Gym, garden, city road, the highway, security of building etc, it has good properties of corrosion-resisting, oxidation-resisting, weather-resisting and aging-resisting.

Processing: PVC dipped after galvanized,power sprayed after galvanized.


Fence size1500mmx2500mm,1800mmx2500mm,2000mmx2500mm,  1000mmx3000mm,  2000mmx3000mm
Wire dia.4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm
Mesh opening50mmx100mm,50mmx200mm,75mmx150mm,100mmx200mm
PostSquare post:60x60mm,80x80mmPeach type post:50mmx70mm,70mmx100mmEuro post:OD48mm,OD60mm

Triangle Bending Guardrail Triangle Bending Guardrail Triangle Bending Guardrail