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Uses of Steel Grating
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Grating was invented back in 1908 to solve a problem � a way to ventilate the New York subway system using open steel mesh grating. Ever since, we has been designing and developing new and improved uses for metal bar grating to meet every requirement. Whether for power plants, bridges, roadways, water treatment plants, warehouses, airports, railroads or a host of other environments, JINTAI steel grating leads the industry.

We are proud to feature a few of our recent projects to illustrate some of the varied uses of our steel grating.


Heavy duty welded or heavy duty riveted grating
is often used at airports for airplane landing ramps.  The plate products provide slip resistant surfaces for airport unloading ramps.

Excellent coefficient of friction (C.O.F.)
Durable, versatile, low  maintenance
Apply once, it provides slip resistance for years

Barns, Poultry, and Livestock Facilities
Flooring made from welded steel grating allows maximum passage of heat and air, yet allows animal waste, water and debris to fall through.  Used vertically, it serves as dividers or fencing.

Easy to clean and maintain
Comfortable walking surface

Heavy Industrial

Welded 19W4 grating
and treads with either plain or serrated surface and a galvanized finish are the ideal products for maintenance platforms and scaffolding in heavy industrial environments such as power plants, refineries, steel mills and chemical plants.  The serrated surfaces and galvanized finishes provide extra margins of safety in areas where slip and fall loss prevention programs are important, including stairs, fire escapes, ladders, and ladder rungs.

Durable for heavy duty industrial situations
Low maintenance
High strength-to-weight ratio
Can be sized exactly for complex floor patterns and hard-to-fit-areas

Marine and Ship Building
Docks, wash racks and crows nests in marine environments utilize IKG products for a variety of purposes.  IKG抯 Safe-T-Grid® and Mebac® Plate products are used for extra slip resistance on docks; wash racks are made from heavy duty welded steel grating to allow water and other fluids to pass through.  For crow抯 nests, IKG抯 Welded 19W4 Steel Grating is often specified.

allows liquids and other debris to pass through
Durable, low maintenance

Municipal and Other Public Buildings
For public areas where uncluttered lines and architectural appearance are important, such as architectural grille work, grates, screens, fencing, dividers, awnings, our aluminum grating products, including swage-locked and pressure locked grating, are aesthetically pleasing  yet allow light, heat and air to pass through. Flush Top Aluminum Grating provides a comfortable, flush walking surface.  Our Safe-T-Grid  offers a unique walking and standing surface that is ideal for entrance mats as well as sunscreens or facades.

Clean, architectural appearance
Allow maximum passage of air, light, heat
Easy to maintain
Excellent lateral support

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