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T Type Steel Grating
Products Name: T Type Steel Grating
Material: aluminum,mild steel and low carbon steel
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Place of Origin: Anping County jintai Metal Product Co.,Ltd.

T type steel grating is also called safe-T-grid grating and is configured with an extruded T- shaped bearing bar and an extruded cross bar – locked together by swaging for a high strength and rigid construction. The large T-bar surface makes it ideal for pedestrian traffic and an optional choice to close mesh grating. T type  steel grating is commonly used for entrance ramps, treads and walkway entrance grates. Made of aluminum, it is long lasting and corrosion resistant.

Materials: aluminum, mild steel and low carbon steej

* Not suitable for wheel traffic
* Slip resistant surface
* Excellent for high pedestrian traffic  
* Corrosion resistant
* Nonmagnetic and non-sparking
* High strength and low weight

T Type Steel Grating

T Type Steel Grating

T Type Steel Grating

T Type Steel Grating


Specifications of T Type Steel Grating



* Center to Center Bearing Bar Spacing
The standard bearing bar spacing is the measurement of distance between the center of one bearing bar to the center of the next bearing bar. The standard bearing bar spacing for T type  steel grating is 1–3/16 inch.



* Center to Center Cross Bar Spacing
The cross bar spacing is the measurement of distance between the center of one cross bar to the center of the next cross bar. The standard spacing of the cross bars is 4 inches on center.



* Construction
The cross bars and extruded T-shaped bearing bars are constructed by a swaging or pinching process that prevents the cross bars from turning or twisting. The wide T-Bar width provides lateral rigidity and walking comfort.

The T-bar bearing bars run parallel to the length or span of a standard panel and are responsible for the T type steel grating’s load bearing capabilities. The cross bars are primarily responsible for holding the bearing bars together. However, they also play a factor in deflection characteristics, especially for concentrated loads which are not distributed across the span of the grating.



* Banding
Bar grating panels or pieces can be trim banded or have a flat metal bar welded to the ends of the bearing bars. A Trim banding is one where the flat metal bar is welded at every 3 to 4 bearing bars. Trim banding is commonly used in trench grating applications and gives the bar grating a finished look.



* Bearing Bar Height
The bearing bar height, also known as bearing bar depth, is measured from the bottom of the bearing bar to the top. Standard bearing bar heights are offered in 1 inch, 1–1/4 inch, 1–1/2 inch, and 2 inch.

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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