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Steel Grating Welding Machine
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QGZP-400-1A and QGZP-600-2A are large-scale steel grating medium-frequency welding machines co-developed by our company and institutes through advanced technology introduced from Germany. The product fills the domestic gap, reaches the world advanced standard and gets several national patents.

Adopting human-machine interface automatic control, our steel grating welding machine is of short welding time, high speed, robust welding, and obvious power saving (It saves 30-35% power more than other domestic power-frequency welding machines). The products is of welding frequency of 1KHz, so in terms of 50Hz power supply, our steel grating machine functions of high-density current output and high-precision regulation of dynamic and static parameters. Our grating machine reduces heat and mechanical pressure of electrode and decreases 50% of electrode wear. The support power transformer saves 40-50% KVA capacity more than power-frequency welding machine.

steel grating machine
our grating machine adopts advanced intermediate frequency(1000Hz) technology.Its instantaneous electric current is very strong and welding time is short,so it can save appox.30-50% power energy than low frequency(50Hz) grating machine.

Moreover in contrast to low frequency(50Hz) grating machine,its matched transformer can even save 40-50% KVA ,so our grating welder is the first choice you invest.

Main Technical Parameter:
1.Power load:380v or as customer`s requirement
2.Power Transformer:630KVA(Dual crossbar)/400KVA(Single crossbar)
4.Welding Frequency:1000Hz
5.Welding Panel Width:≤1200mm / Length:≤7500mm
6. Bearing Bar Ranges: FROM FB20mm×2.0t TO FB100mm×10.0t
                       FROM IB25mm×5×3t TO IB75mm×7×4t
7.Crossbar Ranges:FROM 5×5mm TO 10×10mm(twisted square steel)
8.Crossbar Fed:automatic
9.Welding Time:8-9s/times
10.Auxiliary equipments like front roller, rear roller and cutting machines are included
11.Weld Material:carbon steel or stainless steel

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