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Installation Tips
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Installation Tips

All JINTAI steel grating, whether stock or fabricated to your specifications, is keyed for fast, easy installation. Follow the IKG installation recommendations below for a reliable grating surface in mezzanine and material handling applications. For other panel or fabricated grating applications, please contact us.
For grating in mezzanine or aisle way applications
For grating installations involving multiple pieces of grating, we recommend that grating be laid in place prior to fastening grating pieces to the supporting members. Always utilize erection drawings where available.
Clearances between pieces are factored into the overall grating layout. Installing grating without these clearances being taken into account could result in the need for additional, or filler pieces to cover open areas left at the end of aisles or walkways.
Although the typical clearance between adjacent grating pieces is 1/4” to 3/8”, the grating may be spaced up to the dimension of the clear opening between the bearing bars.
Field fabrication to correct assumed manufacturing errors is strongly discouraged. IKG cannot accept any back charges for field fabrication without being given a fair opportunity to review/research the issue. If applicable, IKG will authorize the field work or replace the material in a timely manner.
One inch (1”) minimum support bearing must always be provided. When two pieces of grating meet and break on a support which does not provide the 1” bearing for both pieces, the ends of each piece must be nested or fingered into the ends of the other piece to accommodate the 1” bearing. If not, additional supports should be considered.
Grating must always be installed with the cross bars on the upper surface. Failure to do this may compromise the structural integrity of the product and will void IKG’s warranty of the material.
Grating must always be fastened in place. Welding the grating to the supporting members is the most rigid and permanent method of fastening.
Where the grating may need to be removed, fastening by use of saddle clips with tek screws is an often used alternative. Plate fasteners (welded between the bearing bars) are also available if an attachment method is required which requires no projection of the clip above the top of the grating.
Short pieces with supports at each end should require no more than four clips per piece. Very narrow (12” or less) pieces may only require two clips. Grating with one or more intermediate supports may require two additional clips at each intermediate support.
For estimating purposes, when a cut list has not been established we recommend one clip per every four square feet of grating with an extra 10% extra included in the count.

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